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Three times, he had to be told to back away. When the search ended, the officers asked Hernandez about a piece of paper he was holding in his hand.

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Hernandez became enraged. Am I yelling at you? Hernandez calmed down. He had grown to respect the sheriff, even to trust him to an extent. On several occasions, the men talked about their lives, their faith and lessons imparted by their fathers. But while Hodgson administered pep talks, it fell to his staff to discipline Hernandez. James Lancaster, the following day, when corrections officers asked him about the delivery. True to his word, Hernandez had eaten the other 20 and kept the wrappers to show the officers, in case they accused him of passing honey buns out to other inmates.


Other infractions were far more serious. One month after testing positive for the pain medication Neurontin, Hernandez was cited for possessing paraphernalia signaling his allegiance to the Bloods. It is not uncommon for Hernandez to kick his cell door constantly until an officer approaches his cell merely to ask the officer for the current time. This to him is comical, causing a disruption in normal operation within the unit. He seemed to hold Officer Pacheco in special contempt. Once, while Aaron was in the middle of one of his workouts, he told the officer that he had a peculiar dream: Thanks to a disciplinary report that Pacheco had given him, Aaron had dreamed that an upcoming visitation with his daughter had been canceled.

You and your family were on vacation, and I was chasing you. Pacheco reported the incident as a threat to his family.

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Hernandez denied this. Hernandez got off with a verbal warning. But a month later, in July, he had another run-in with Pacheco. Lunch for the special-management inmates arrived in Styrofoam containers. The stench of the gray food inside crept into every corner of the unit. Show you how to have your balls drop!


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Subscribe Now. Subscription Benefits Include Today's Paper Find mobile-friendly version of articles from the day's newspaper in one easy-to-read list. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 03, Karen Wherlock rated it really liked it. I have a weakness for a prison memoir. I volunteered several times at a federal penitentiary ten years ago and it made a huge impact on me.

I always remember the victims, but the men I met moved me. Should someone go to jail for twenty years or more for a victimless crime? Is anyone ever rehabilitated from even a heinous crime? I have to believe in people's capacity for change. I think reform is needed. I think that people in prison who will be released should take relationship and parenting cla I have a weakness for a prison memoir. I think that people in prison who will be released should take relationship and parenting classes, learn a trade and learn how to interact with people who are not criminals.

If this makes me a bleeding heart liberal, so be it. This isn't specifically a review of this book, perhaps just an explanation for the proportionally large number of prison memoirs that I've read lately. Michael Santos was arrested on a nonviolent drug charge during the s, when our government was treating drug suppliers like terrorists. Santos had never been in trouble, had no violence or gun charges associated with the drug distrubution. Yet he was given a 45 year sentence to be served in the Federal prison system. His journey began in a supermax prison, where he was housed with hardcore lifers, gangbangers, rapists, and men who murdered for pleasure.

He was in his early 20s when Michael Santos was arrested on a nonviolent drug charge during the s, when our government was treating drug suppliers like terrorists. He was in his early 20s when his sentence began. He is now in his mid 40s.

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Michael Santos is well-spoken, thoughtful, and intelligent. His story takes us through the prison system, from the supermax where he started to the minimum security prison camp where he is now. He tells us what life in prison is like and he holds nothing back. We toss these men into a system where they must fight to survive each day. And we call it "corrections". They exist in a prison society that is appalling on so many levels. Then we expect them to emerge from that hell and fit nicely into an entirely different type of society. As taxpayers, we support this system. Our silence allows the business of prisons because they are in it for profit to house men and women in a way that ensures their return.

We should all know what goes on behind those prison walls that we support. Maybe then we'll be horrified enough to change it. View 2 comments. Oct 18, Jen Chang rated it really liked it.

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