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Our spirit within us, made in the image of God, is dead toward God.

How Do I Know If I Have the Holy Spirit?

Mankind needs life. All have sinned. Therefore, all are dead toward God. The Holy Spirit gives us new life in Jesus Christ. You must be born again.

1. The Holy Spirit is your Helper.

And the Holy Spirit is the One who does the work of making you a born-again person. It is a supernatural act. Our good works and all the good things that we have done are not going to save us. We are saved by the mercy of God, by the grace of God. It is the gift of God, the gift of salvation. Indwelling Spirit Third, the Holy Spirit indwells us. Many of you are spiritually dead and are completely immersed in our hedonistic culture. I will come to live in you. That is the reason we should never take anything unclean into our bodies. That is the reason we should discipline our bodies. God loves your body.

He called me and gave me that gift.

Holy Spirit In-Depth

What counts is the message that—according to Scripture—Christ died for our sins, He rose again, He is coming back again and He is ready to come into your heart by the Holy Spirit and make you a new person. That is the Gospel. There are people whom you may not be able to love easily. But the Holy Spirit will give you the power to love them.

Love is the greatest evidence that you know Christ. The Holy Spirit can love through you.

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It is a deep river. Whatever the circumstances, there is a river of joy. The peace that passes understanding comes from the Holy Spirit.

Whatever the circumstances, I have peace in my heart. I know where I am going, I know where I have been. And I know why I am here—by the Holy Spirit. Do you know Christ? The Holy Spirit comes to magnify, to glorify and to exalt the Son. Jesus said the Holy Spirit shall not speak of Himself. He comes to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ. He comes to glorify Jesus Christ John And the Holy Spirit is pleased when you glorify Christ in your life.

It is the Holy Spirit who draws you to Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts you of your need of Christ. There is only one way of salvation, and that is Christ. It is a dangerous thing to resist the Spirit.

Who Is the Holy Spirit? – 5 Things You Need to Know

Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. So do not worry but believe that there is…. The piece of the puzzle we know is that the Jesus of Nazareth who has done miracles and wonders was the same person who was nailed to the cross.

And we ought to always remember that Jesus did not remain dead. God raised Jesus from death and made him Lord and Messiah over the people, over our lives, thoughts, decisions and everything. Every single one of us.

And because of this great God that we worship, there needs to be…. Remember, the Holy Spirit will lead you if you allow him to. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

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Bring the presence of the risen Lord To renew my heart and make me whole. Holy Spirit, breathe new life in me. Holy Spirit, come abide within; May Your joy be seen in all I do — Love enough to cover every sin In each thought and deed and attitude, Kindness to the greatest and the least, Gentleness that sows the path of peace. Turn my striving into works of grace.

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Breath of God, show Christ in all I do. Let the fragrance of our prayers arise.