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You may still need extra oxygen after you leave the hospital. And you may go home with a prescription for supplemental extra oxygen therapy. Supplemental oxygen therapy uses a tank or a machine to give you extra oxygen.

What Doctors Don’t Know About Menopause

This helps oxygen get to your lungs and heart, and other parts of your body. The extra oxygen can make you stronger and more alert.

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But people often stay on oxygen therapy too long. If you start oxygen therapy, you should ask your doctor if and when you can stop.

And get a follow-up test, as your doctor advises. After a serious illness, oxygen therapy can help you get better but after you recover, you may no longer need the extra oxygen.

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They also play a huge role in helping you recover from an existing condition. Whether that hurt comes in the form of headaches or skin rashes or mouth blisters, those sorts of side effects are common—and are things patients should hear about from their doctors beforehand so they go into a course of treatment with eyes wide open, he says.

Types of Advance Directives

But if not, you should ask. Modern medicine is expensive.

Wrapping a Sprained Ankle - Ask Doctor Jo

For this reason, seeking a second opinion is always prudent, Dr. Danoff says. In our enthusiasm for all things patient-centered, we seem to have, as the saying goes, taken the thought of including patient preferences for the deed. The researchers conducted several focus groups with 48 patients from five primary care physicians in the San Francisco Bay area.

Afraid to Speak Up at the Doctor’s Office

First, they showed the patient participants a short video on several equally effective but very different treatment approaches for a heart ailment. Then, they asked them questions about what they did with their own doctors when faced with a choice among several treatment options that might be equally effective but could differ in lifestyle effects, cost or range of complications.

The living will

The participants responded that they felt limited, almost trapped into certain ways of speaking with their doctors. Some even said they feared retribution by doctors who could ultimately affect their care and how they did. Interestingly, most participants in this study were over 50, lived in affluent areas and had either attended or completed graduate school. Frosch said.